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Health testing from HK BioTek

Founded in 2003, HK BioTek is the only company represents leading international laboratories and specializes in food sensitivity testing in Hong Kong. With the outstanding performance in the last two decades, HK BioTek is awarded as the ‘Best Health Testing Provider’ in Hong Kong and East Asia in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

HK BioTek provides a widest range of functional medicine-based health tests, dedicating to working with 500+ healthcare professionals in the region. Till now, we handled 25,000+ cases of food sensitivity and analyzed 3,000,000+ of foods for our users! HK BioTek is keen on health education and has participated in medical studies with the Prince of Wales Hospital (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) and ShenZhen Children’s Hospital, to evaluate how avoiding offending foods can improve childhood eczema.

Factors such as metabolism, nutrition, and environment have a great impact on the wellbeing of our physical and mental health. In recent years, HK BioTek partners up with international laboratories to help bringing solutions to some of the most pressing health and wellness concerns. By utilizing the advanced technology available, HK BioTek unlocks healthier lives for many by changing their diet and lifestyle.

Food Sensitivity

Trace Element Tests

Excessive Exposure to Toxic Metals?
Exposure to chemicals is not limited to working in the chemical industry or living near an industrial facility. We are exposed to enormous number of chemicals and pollutants sourcing from the ­vestiges of eating, drinking, breathing and touching the processed products. People start to worry what ‘else’ I have consumed after a series of food safety scandals had broken.

Minerals Imbalance?
Minerals (like Calcium, Iron and Zinc) are important nutrients to maintain our bodily functions. Our body cannot make minerals. When we do not obtain enough minerals from our diet, or absence of some nutrients may affect the uptake of certain minerals.

Improper mineral intake could lead to mineral deficiency, hinder essential functions of the body.