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CECES eHealthy card - lower the medical cost while enjoy the quality medical services!

Every family recognizes the importance of a high-quality medical service.  Such a service is especially needed during a world-wide pandemic.  CECES is pleased to launch a medical scheme, named "CECES eHealthy Card" for the convenience, easy-to-reach medical and health services for all families.  The CECES eHealthy Card entitles members to a discount on medical services provided by the appointed doctor's clinics and Chinese medical clinics*. 

From 1st of July, the annual membership fee for adults is $50 ($30 for senior/child). Successful applicants can enjoy the benefits on or before 28th of February.

CECES Welcome Gift: With immediate effect, successful applicants of the CECES eHealthy Card will automatically become CECES Club membership and are waived 1 year membership fee. (HKD30 per year) You will be entitled to receive our regular e-newsletter and other promotional offers!

*includes all Quality Healthcare general practitioner clinics, 5 clinics of ECTCM Chinese Medicine Group inlcuding herbal medicine with boiling and packing, acupuncture, bone-setting. 

List of Quality Healthcare Clinics (Click to open) or Click here to search online
Price list and the address of ECTCM Chinese Medicine Group (Click to open)

Application steps:

  1. Click on the following membership button for application of the card. (Adult or Senior/Children)
  2. Fill in the Google Form in the section of "Product Description". One applicant fills in one form.
  3. Please double check your personal details carefully after filling in the form*. Then click "Submit"
  4. Click "Add To Cart" at the right top corner and follow the payment instruction. The card will not be processed if the payment is not settled.


  1. The applicant's information must be true and correct especially the English name and the Date of Birth. Any false information will cause delay of application. All information will only be used for application only and will not be used for other purpose.
  2. The application cut off time will be on the 15/30th of every month. Thereafter, we will need 7 to 10 working days to activate. Successful applicants will be informed to collect their cards once the cards are ready.
  3. The effective period of the medical card is from 29th of February to 28th of February of next year.
  4. If the member wish to continue to use the benefits after 28th of February, he or she will need to renew the membership at least one month in advanced.
  5. For any queries please contact CECES at 2788-1666.


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